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Brownie baking mistakes & How to correct them!

By :Vani Munjal 0 comments
Brownie baking mistakes & How to correct them!

A chocolate lover’s dream-- brownies are fudgy, gooey, and delicious! However, simple baking & ingredient mistakes can ruin these indulgent bites for you. Read on to know the basic mistakes you are making with your pan of brownies and how to fix them...

Back to the Basics -

The type of chocolate you use!


Yes, the type of chocolate you use to make a batch of brownies can make all the difference to your batch. Baking chocolate is considered to be the best choice for making the perfect brownies as people mostly follow a recipe and milk or semi-sweet chocolates can add extra sweetness to your batch. So, try and use baking chocolate for your brownies, if not, try and adjust your recipe as per the sweetness of the chocolate you use!

Adjusting the Baking time as per your bakeware

chocolate brownie

If you read your instructions carefully, every recipe demands/needs a specific bakeware, and for a good reason. Baking times can vary as per the pan, mould you use.

For example, a thinner cake in a flatter mould will bake faster than a thicker cake in a smaller mould. Therefore, it is advised to bake your recipe of brownies in the pan suggested in the same.


Not mixing the ingredients well

 chocolate brownie 3

In baking it should be considered a sin to not measure and mix your ingredients well. For a perfect batch of brownies, make sure your eggs and sugar are mixed first (and well) till they turn pale yellow in color. Then move on to fold this egg mix to your chocolate mixture and finally, fold in the flour.

Folding: combining two mixtures of different thicknesses and weights into a smooth mixture, by using a spoon to lift the two mixtures together, turning them over so they combine.


Not letting the brownies cool

Trying to scoop out or demould hot cakes and brownies can ruin them. So, one should give these baked creations some time to cool down and come out in perfect shape.

Brownies tip- if you create an ice bath for your brownies pan, it can help stop the cooking process immediately and cool down the brownies faster.

If you are not a baker or want to enjoy a piece without baking, we have you covered! Order a box of our assorted brownies today and indulge in different variations of this dessert!
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