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Christmas cookies and happy hearts, this is how the Holiday starts.

Last Christmas, Frosted introduced Gingerbread cupcakes, that received so much love from all of you. To make this festive season even more jolly, we bring to you your favourite flavours, with a Christmas-themed twist. And we promise you these are Santa-approved.

Check out our Holiday-edition of cookies:


Gingerbread man cookies

Holiday wishes are made with gingerbread hugs and peppermint kisses. Plus, is it even Christmas without these?!

Dressed in different and pretty amazing outfits, spiced gingerbread men cookies are surely going to be a hit among your family and friends, especially the little ones.

(And for the peppermint kisses, you can order our limited-edition peppermint cupcakes)


Winter Chocolate:

How can we not include chocolate in this range! Your favourite flavour!

These are dark chocolate cookies and filled with heaps of white chocolate. Following the December colour code, they are drizzled with green and red icing to honour the Christmas spirit.

Biscoff Reindeer:

This one is for Santa, as we know how much he loves his reindeers.

Freshly baked, the crispy cookies are stuffed with Biscoff spread and are decorated with icing, Rudolph’s nose and reindeer’s antlers.

Christmas Cookies


Christmas reminds us of snow and every snowflake is said to be unique. So is the design of these cookies.

A perfect blend of softness and crispiness, the sugar cookies are irresistible with their buttery-vanilla flavour. With the playful icing, they will brighten up your feast table.

This Christmas get the perfect unboxing experience with Frosted. Order your choice of cupcakes and cookies in your choice of Winter-themed boxes. Personalise the box with a heartfelt note on a special Christmas card, along with a picture of your loved one.

Wishing you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

And remember that Christmas is about more than presents. It is also about cookies!

(And cupcakes)


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