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Irrespective of what’s trending and what isn’t, cupcakes are ubiquitous. Be it a birthday, festival, breakup or anniversary, celebrating with a cupcake is always appropriate. But while one can never go wrong in gifting cupcakes, people tend to go wrong while making the frosting.

There is a myriad of recipes and frostings that one can choose to decorate their cupcakes with. Listed below are three types of frostings for beginners as they require a lesser amount of effort, time and ingredients.



Chocolate Cupcakes

Ganache is one of the easiest frostings to make as it involves only two ingredients- chocolate and whipped cream. Some bakers might add another flavouring like a liqueur, ginger wine, peppermint extract or orange extract. 

The perfect chocolate ganache is made by stirring finely chopped chocolate pieces with hot (near to boiling) double cream or whipped cream until it turns into a smooth mixture. The rested and cooled down mix is then whipped to a light and fluffy frosting-- ready to decorate your cupcakes!


For a glossier finish and better flavour, unsalted butter can be added.

The chocolate pieces should be either grated or finely chopped, otherwise, the outer layer will melt before the centre.

If the temperature of the ganache goes too high, it results in a split or grainy ganache. So heat the chocolate, cream and emulsion very carefully. Also, as soon as the mixture is smooth and fully combined, stop stirring it as the ganache will now begin to set. And even after you did everything right, the ganache still breaks or is slightly grainy, don’t worry, it can be easily saved using the right tools and techniques-

In case your ganache has split, place it in a saucepan on the lowest setting and whisk it a little. In another pan heat about ¼ cup of milk to the point of simmering. While constantly whisking the ganache, more the warm milk slowly into the ganache. 

If the ganache is too soft when set, add more melted chocolate to the ganache, and if the ganache turns out to be too firm when set, add more heated whipped cream to it.




The simple buttercream frosting not only requires little time and effort but is also considered to be the most versatile. 

To begin making this frosting, start by beating the butter for a while until it is smooth and then slowly adding sugar, vanilla and cream to it. Everything is whipped until mixed properly and have a smooth texture. Voila! The buttercream frosting is ready.


To make sure that the butter mixes easily, take it out from the refrigerator, 20-30 minutes before you start making the frosting. In addition, the powdered sugar should be sifted to prevent the formation of clumps. 

Even though the process is uncomplicated, the emulsion, at times, tend to break due to temperature problems. If the mixture is too cold, it will split apart and if it is too warm it loses consistency, thus making it runny. In case the former problem occurs, heat a portion of the frosting either in a microwave or by holding the bowl over a pan of boiling water; when these two portions mix, the temperature evens out everything together. And in the case of the latter, either refrigerate the emulsion or hold an ice bag on the side of the bowl.


Mildly sweet and with a dash of vanilla in it, whipped cream frosting can faultlessly complement a cupcake. It is firm enough to top a cupcake with, but also light enough so that one doesn’t feel as if they are eating a big lump of sugar!

Using minimal ingredients and minimal steps, this type of frosting can be made if you are running short on time. With a chilled bowl as well as a chilled beater, beat the cream until it is frothy. While beating the cream, slowly add sugar and vanilla to it. This mixture is then whipped until its consistency is light and thick enough, as required.


The key to a perfect consistency lies in beating the mixture for just the right amount of time as the frosting can turn grainy if beaten excessively, so just beat it until firm peaks appear. But if the frosting breaks, then gradually drizzle unwhipped heavy cream into the bowl and keep adding it until it regains its fluffy texture.

Making frosting is easy, but it still takes some time, practice and patience to perfect the art. So even if you don’t get it right the first time around, don’t lose hope, just keep on practising!

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