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Behind The Scenes: Christmas Cupcakes Flavour Creation

By :TAANYA BAJAJ 0 comments
Behind The Scenes: Christmas Cupcakes Flavour Creation


Milk and cookies move over, it’s time for cupcakes to take over Christmas!

When it comes to Christmas desserts, we believe that cupcakes are the most underrated of all. The fun that one can have with different types of frosting adds to the festive vibe and delight. Keeping the Christmas spirit in mind, we present to you our special range of Christmas cupcakes-



Christmas is usually associated with snow and the colour palette of white and red. Mint leaves behind a cool flavour in our mouths, much like snow and peppermint also follows the colour palette of our favourite festival.

You will surely love the combination of flavours in this one- a peppermint chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling, and the topping? Peppermint buttercream frosting. 


IIs it even Christmas without the presence of Gingerbread Man? We don’t think so.

Devour the Gingerbread spiced cake decorated with cream cheese frosting and a gingerbread man. The most interesting thing about this cupcake is that every gingerbread man is decorated with a different costume.


Our hot chocolate cupcake has a chocolate cake and hot chocolate ganache stuffing. This has marshmallow fluff frosting, chocolate chips, marshmallows and topped with chocolate ganache. 

So, hot chocolate and marshmallows in one cupcake- what’s not to like!

These limited-edition cupcakes come in beautiful winter-themed and holiday-themed boxes. Personalise the box of cupcakes with a heartfelt note and a picture of your loved one. Order now and get these delivered to your doorstep or theirs. 


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