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The season of rejoicing, dancing, eating and fasting is here!

Every year in the autumn, Hindus celebrate the 9-days festival of Navratri, paying obeisance to goddess Durga. Each day has its own significance and some people fast, where they abstain from eating certain kinds of food items.  

People belonging to different regions follow different customs to bring about their festivities. For example, Bengali Hindus call it Durga Puja and celebrate lavishly by eating all kinds of food, whereas most of the North Indian families follow a strict vegetarian diet.

Make your celebrations even sweeter with Frosted, as we bring to you our special eggless range of cupcakes and cookies. We have something for everyone and now you don’t have to wait for Navratri to end to savour all your loved flavours. 


Party Mix Box of Eggless Cupcakes


Each eggless cupcake base is light, moist and has a perfectly balanced texture and a delightful frosting flavour. We like to describe our cupcakes as little clouds of sweetness that just melt in your mouth.


Flavor Highlights- Our vanilla cupcakes are not very sweet, making them ideal for raspberry, peanut butter and jelly, and caramel frostings. We also have every chocolate aficionados favourites- Nutella, Dark chocolate, oreo crumble and Baileys irish cream. 

Chef's Mix Box of Eggless Cookies

The mix cookies box contains eggless cookies handcrafted by our chefs. Special recipes have been curated by them to bring to you your favourite flavours-

Our delicious chocolate chip cookies are crispy on the outside and contain molten chocolate chunks and dark Callebaut when you bite into it. Pecan Shortbread and Lotus Biscoff cookies are enriched with butter and have a golden brown texture. No matter which of these you choose, all of them will surely meIt in mouth.

We have something for everyone- chocolate lovers can get their hands on our soft Nutella, crunchy Oatmeal Chocolate chip, and Chocolate Chunk cookies; the classics Peanut Butter and Jelly and Lotus Biscoff cookies take you back to your childhood days and the buttery Pecan Shortbread. 

You can customize the box with your choice of flavors of our mouth-watering cookies.

Let us add more to your happiness and enjoyment this festive season with our eggless creations. Enjoy the festivities this season guilt-free by binging away our bite-sized treats. 

Furthermore, we have also introduced a special Navratri offer just for you- buy a party mix box of 24 cupcakes and get a box of cookies free!

Grab them before they are gone. Order now and get these delivered to your doorstep. 

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