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Live, love, and eat cupcakes.

This is the motto that has inspired us at Frosted and still keeps us going. We would like to believe that we live in a world coated in sugar and icing, thus, we also love experimenting the same on our cupcakes!

Every nibble must be a winner and to make sure it is, we never stop coming up with new treats. Constantly trying out new flavours, frostings and toppings- we want to bake cupcakes for every occasion and that is, of course, lit!

This year has been really sweet for us as we brought to you customised toppings for various celebrations and festivals. Here’s a sneak peek into the year that was- 



All one needs is love…but cupcakes would also be nice!

For the day of love, we had to go all out with a red colour theme, topped with red hearts and sprinkles. And it was made extra special with Vanilla raspberry bouquet frosting on a Vanilla cake and sprinkling that spelt “love” on the red velvet cupcake.

The chocolate cupcakes with Nutella frosting and filling, and dark chocolate stuffing had sprinkles and sugar cookie toppings- red and in the shape of a heart.  


If you can’t play it, you can at least eat it!

A socially distant Holi didn’t mean we had to distance ourselves from the colours and the joy. Cookie frostings and simple buttercream frosting with a dash of different colours.

We hope it was like tasting rainbow with every bite.


What better topping for chocolate lovers than chocolate cupcakes on a chocolate cake! If your mouth is watering like ours at just the mere thought of it, then you must try this cake decoration idea. Bake a simple chocolate cake or you can also add chocolate chips or rum for that Christmassy flavour. Once the cake cools down, decorate it with the new range of Christmas cupcakes from Frosted. These are bite-sized treats, so don’t worry that they would look magnanimous on your cake.




The selfless love of every paternal figure must be celebrated.

To make the day special for the G.O.A.T.s of our lives, the boxes included flavours that would never go out of style, just like our dads- Tiramisu, Nutella, Pineapple and Coconut, Baileys, Lemon and Blueberry, and Dark Chocolate.

The colour scheme selected was blue and cream, and toppings included blue heart sugar cookies, sprinkles, and flower frostings. 




You can’t gift happiness to your loved ones, but you can give them cupcakes. So, pretty much the same thing.

For the most fun people in our lives, we gave an exciting twist to our cupcakes as bite-sized donuts were decorated on top of the cupcakes. The flavours could be customised from our menu. 

What made the unboxing experience more special were our boxes- I puggin’ love you, I’ll owl-ways love you, and Together Forever. 




A sibling bond is all about fighting for the remote and at the same time protecting the other from any third person!

We had to make it enjoyable and playful. Just like the mixture of emotions that this relationship is, the Rakhi cupcake boxes had a mix of different flavours- Nutella, Lemon and Blueberry, Dark Chocolate and Strawberry, Vanilla and Raspberry, and Salted Caramel and White Chocolate.

The frostings had beautiful pastel flavours and a sprinkle with HAPPY RAKHI written on it.




The most-loved flavours of Frosted cupcakes have been the chocolate ones. So, this festival season was especially for the chocolate aficionados. It was our Diwali gift to them. 

Handcrafted mini cupcakes with your favourite luxury chocolates as toppings- sweetness overload! 

Chocolate cakes were topped with chocolate frostings, of different types, and decorated with pieces of chocolates like Ferrero Rocher, Twix, Mars, and Snickers. Caramel Chocolate and Chocolate Truffle were the other two flavours.





Our very talented kitchen elves have come up with the perfect Holiday-themed cupcakes.

The Christmas colour palette of red and white is maintained with the peppermint cupcakes- a peppermint chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling, and peppermint buttercream frosting. The Gingerbread cupcakes have the gingerbread man dressed in different costumes made out of frosting, of course. And the Hot Chocolate cupcakes is a blend of marshmallows and the hot chocolate drink.


We can’t wait to come up with more of these miniature creations. Keep checking this space to see what else we bring to cure your sweet tooth. 

Till then, order your favourites from our website and get these delivered to your doorstep.

Order the cupcakes here.

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